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The poverty spirit causes us to see ourselves as less than God sees us. This album explores healing from this spirit through the grid of Scotland’s history. This 5 CD set was released in November 2018
    Walking in womanhood means building from your design and that means knowing what your design is. This is a bundle of three albums namely Healing Womanhood, Office of Personhood and Nurturing your Spirit - Basic Seminar.
      Starting with the Seat of Dominion and ending with the coccyx, this album is collection of specialty tools for your spirit, soul and body. This material is extracted from the Healing Tools Podcast series. This 6 CD set was released in September 2018
        Womanhood is an undefined term these days. This album presents an unconventional portrait of some core qualities of womanhood, and some strategies for moving toward that. This 4 CD set was released in July 2018
          Did you get the spirit of pharmakeia at the hospital? Here are specialty diagnosis and deliverance tools for the unusual situations in your life. This 5 CD set was released in October 2018
            These sets give a number of tools for anyone who wants to lead a more functional life and include Strategies for DID - Part I , II and III
              It is time for a major reset in the practice of inner healing and deliverance. This is the first album in a series that will explore a dramatically new paradigm for clinicians and those on a journey. This 5 CD set was released in February 2018
                The album begins with the healer’s most common occupational hazards. Then we look at synthetic spirits and how they block healing and deliverance, and what to do about them. This 5 CD set was released in July 2018
                  These live demos of a healer dealing with parts (alters), the human spirit and demons demonstrate many useful techniques for the journey through DID. This 5 CD set was released in January 2019
                    One of the least known causes of low spiritual authority is that you have accidentally come under the antichrist spirit. These two albums provide teaching and deliverance prayer. The albums are: Tough Spots in Inner Healing and High Impact Christians