Spiritual Warfare

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In addition to demons, there appears to be another kind of volitional creature that can invade our lives. This is an introductory study of how to detect and evict these intruders.
    Alien Human Spirit Part 2 clarifies many of the ambiguities from the previous teaching, especially how they gain access, and what kinds of authority are needed to evict them. This is a eight CD set.
      Some things are better caught than taught. After two albums of theory, Arthur did a pair of live events to demonstrate ministry for alien human spirits. This is a nine CD set.
        Many of the tools used for deliverance are ineffective in the brain. This is a new set of tools that focuses on the role of the human spirit in partnership with the Holy Spirit.
          Leviathan is generally perceived to be a strong demonic force. There is a negative side to Leviathan, but the reality is that God pronounced Leviathan to be be good on the 5th day of creation. This album builds a more complete picture of Leviathan.
            Most of us walk in the expression of one member of the Trinity, not realizing the crippling effect our incomplete perspective has on our communities. This album explores what we receive from each member of the Trinity and how it impacts our relationships.
              You are a beautiful, intelligent, competent, gracious and godly Christian. So why are you still single? This album explores some of the spiritual dynamics that are blocking thousands of women from marrying at this time.
                Have you struggled with powerlessness? This is the album for you! This is a passionate presentation of tools that will help you become a change agent, not a victim.
                  If you generally walk in victory, but there are some resistant pockets of demonic agitation in your life, this album is for you. This is a collection of insights and strategies into niche issues that has been helpful to tens of thousands of people.
                    Most people still have ties to defiled time and land. This teaching is loaded with tools for leaving the past behind more completely than ever before.
                      When the pain of a traumatic situation follows you for years, it is possible that you are dealing with a trauma bond to time. This teaching gives tools to diagnose and heal it.