The Plumbline

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Teaching by Arthur Burk in Pretoria (South Africa) in August 2010:

Track 01 - Introduction (5.5MB)

Track 02- Getting Through a Firewall (2.1MB)

Track 03 - A Plumb Wall to Fix an Attitude (5.6MB)

Track 04 - When it's not too Hard (3.3MB)

Track 05 - If some can, Everybody can (4.0MB)

Track 06 - Authority that goes Beyond the Truth (5.6MB)

Track 07 - Assessing Your Position (8.1MB)

Track 08 - Positioned for Authority (4.8MB)

Track 09 - How big is your God? (1.8MB)

Track 10 - Prepared for the Future (3.4MB)

Track 11 - Clearing the Record (10.0MB)