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Lifestyle Choices
During his visit to South Africa during 2010, Arthur Burk had the opportunity to record 10 short messages of just below 30 minutes each for CTV. These were recorded in Bisho, East London in September 2010.

The complete set consists of 10 CD’s of just under 30 minutes each.

These are the first CD’s that we are also making available in download format.

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Details of the Recordings

Short version
There are certain foundational issues we need to understand about the Trinity.
We also need to understand that the enemy wants to keep us from possessing our birthright.
God wants to give us the blessings we need to make it possible.
Longer version
Demons and curses have gotten a lot of press lately.  At the end of the day, however, all that really matters are the Righteous Law of The Universe, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, and our choices of lifestyle.  
This teaching explores our right alignment with the Trinity, not in terms of abstract theology, but in terms of daily living -- our lifestyle.  What we know or don't know about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit will cause us to make decisions that will have far reaching implications to the fluidity of our daily walk, or our frustration in terms of our birthright.
Once we are in right alignment with the entire Trinity, we need to be in right alignment to the community around us.  The seven curses and blessings are a function of our lifestyle choices.  We cannot escape the curses or receive the blessings through deliverance and impartation alone.  It is about how we live.
This teaching on the seven curses and blessings is ruthlessly practical.  It reveals what you or your forefathers did wrong to invite in the curses, and exactly where you will have to make major changes in how you live daily life if you expect to apprehend the blessings which will pave the way to your birthright.
These 10 teachings further explore the original more detailed series’ called “Life, Dominion and Honour” as well as “The Seven Curses” and every teaching is just under 30 minutes long.

Whether you are new to these teachings or need a refresher course on the themes, principles and behavioural changes “Lifestyle Choices” is a great guide.
A bit more of the specific CD’s:
1.       Receiving everything the Father has for you vs. The Spirit of Jealousy
2.       Learning Dominion from Jesus vs. The Victim Spirit
3.       Receiving Honour from the Holy Spirit vs. The Mesmerizing Spirit
4.       The Blessing of Hosea vs. The Ammonite Curse
5.       The Blessing of Esther vs. The Moabite Curse
6.       The Blessing of Daniel vs. The Philistine Curse
7.       The Blessing of Moses vs. The Canaanite Curse
8.       The Blessing of Job vs. The Mideanite Curse
9.       The Blessing of Nehemiah vs. The Curse of Jotham
10.   The Blessing of John vs. The Ammonite Curse

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