Copyright Policy

Our products are copyrighted. That simple statement ought to be enough, but here are some specific applications and explanations.

Copying our CDs to loan to a friend is not acceptable. Making copies for use in your own household such as putting them on an iPod is quite permissible.

However the contents of the CD purchased by your household should be limited to your household.

The downloadable audio files (if applicable) are likewise one copy per household. You can put them on as many different computers or playing devices as you wish, within the household, but don’t make copies to loan to a friend.

The ideas in our products are not copyrighted. We very much desire to see them spread widely. To that end we urge everyone to learn the concepts and teach them in your own words. You do not need further permission to teach these concepts in a Bible study or a church or in a school.

If you develop written materials, they should have no more than five percent of their content taken word for word from our materials. As with any copyrighted material you should give proper credit to the source.

The whole copyright issue is a troublesome paradox for us. On the one hand we estimate that we lose hundreds of thousands of Rands or dollars a year in product sales due to pirated copies.

This is a very sad statement of the low level of integrity in the Body of Christ worldwide. On the other hand we give away a lot of materials every year.

More than that however, we give away a massive amount of time to those in need, as well as offering many free resources on our website as well as

Very simply put, in order to invest time in individuals, in cleansing the land and in order to have time to do research on new projects, we have to sell something. If there was no income from material sales, we would neither have new insights nor the opportunity to share those with you. Every pirated product costs the Body of Christ something.

If you have a financial need, we invite you to communicate with us. Otherwise we ask you to honor the copyright, knowing that your investment in our products makes possible the next generation of insights. We live very frugally. The sale of our products is designed for one purpose and that is to bring about transformation for our Great King.

©Sapphire Leadership Group