Security Policy

What You Do Have to Give Us

If you purchase through the store, and pay with your credit card, you will have to give us your name, address, credit card number, phone number and e-mail address. Pretty ordinary protocol. We have taken due care to ensure that your details will be safe.

If you want to avoid having your information stored on the site or if you prefer not to transact via credit card over the internet you can e-mail us your order to We will send you a quote and as soon as we receive proof of payment we will post your order. In such case you can make an electrocic funds transfer (EFT), direct cash or cheque deposit. In the case of a cheque there may be a waiting period for the cheque to be cleared.

What We Do With Your Information

We NEVER share it with others in any form at all.

When people ask us to give them information on other people in their area, the answer is NO!

And even though we have your contact information after a sale, we don't use it to send you any sort of newsletters or advertisement. The only unsolicited materials you will receive from us will be product flyers and/or gift CDs which are included in your order.

What if You WANT to Connect

The newsletter only goes to people who deliberately sign up for it. We send it at random intervals, via e-mail. It is up to you to persuade your spam filter to let it through. You may sign up by using the form on the left, at the bottom of the navigation bar.

You can also go to and subscribe to Arthur’s newsletter as well as his blogs.

If you want to connect with other Plumbliners in your area ... sorry, we cannot help you there yet.

We also cannot connect you with therapists, churches or deliverance ministries.

We are not a social networking site. That is simply not a service we offer.