Blessing Your End of Life  - 6 CD Set

Blessing Your End of Life - 6 CD Set


How would you like to die? 

What are you doing to bring that about?

Most people are avoiding the topic, and by their non-engagement, they are allowing nature, the devil and the medical system to define their transition from time to eternity. 

Do you REALLY want those three to conspire against you in order to make your passing as degrading as possible?

Here is a better way.  Take charge of your end of life.  Decide what things are important to you.  And build a plan to put as many of those in place as you can. 

Oh!  You don’t know what choices you have?  This is a good tool for you.  Listen to these profiles from Scripture and see what is central in your value system, to define the way you release the trappings of this life and enter into the glorious presence of your Creator.

This is a 6 CD set

This set was released in June 2018

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