The Flow of Life - 3 CD set

The Flow of Life - 3 CD set

God designed us with vast resources of life to give - in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. But sometimes something gets damaged and the life is devoured.

We already know much about maintaining the physical structure of our bodies and environment, as well as keeping a healthy emotional framework in our minds. But what about the structure of your spirit? Can it also be damaged? Absolutely. The distortion of our spiritual structures can allow our resources to be devoured, block us from growth or defile our relationship with God. Have you ever felt that someone is able to drain your energy, just by being with them? Or have you ever been to a place that leaves you feeling exhausted, even though you didn't do anything physically demanding? These things can be the result of life being drained from your spirit because of broken structures.

Restoring spiritual structures is a crucial supplement to our deliverance and
inner healing tools. In this teaching we explore the effect on relationships with people, land, and time, as well as the behavioral cause of the damage to our spirit.

In the final segment we explore the structures designed for our connection with God and how they are impacted by our actions. We will look at our daily lives and how we may partner with Him to keep this connection pure.

God designed us to be life giving in the community in a wholesome way, from a place of dominion, as we serve the King!
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