Life After Church - 6 CD Set

Life After Church - 6 CD Set


God has initiated a lot of people movements.  He called Abram out of Ur; Jacob out of Paddan Aram; Israel out of Egypt; David out of Moab; Elijah out of the brook; and Amos out of the farm.

Each person who left one place had another place to go, and the new place had an assignment and a different lifestyle.

For the past 15 years, the attention has been focused on the exodus from the institutional church.  This exodus is a reality.  It is a painful reality for many, but it is not the point.  The objective of God’s massive restructuring is to advance the Kingdom.

This album is a tightly focused discussion of where God is going, not how much pain the current exodus has caused. 

This is a 6 CD set

This set was released in September 2016

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