Blessing Intensity - 2 CD set

Blessing Intensity - 2 CD set

Are you an intense person? If so, you have had to deal with the uncomplimentary labels our community has created for people like us.

Type A personality. Driven. Obsessive compulsive. Hyperactive.

It is absolutely true that a lot of different kinds of wounds produce a compensatory behavior that is unhealthy and could reasonably be described as intense.
It is also absolutely true that God has designed some people to be intense from conception on, and this is a good thing for them, and for the community He has designed for them.

Now if God has designed you for intensity, why has it been rejected and reviled? Why have so many people tried to fix you instead of unpacking you? Where are the sermons on how to develop your intensity to its finest level? Where are the ceremonies in our religious culture to validate and send out the intense people in our midst, and then to celebrate them and their exploits when they return?

While I cannot transform the whole culture, we do offer celebration and instruction. This CD set draws from the life of many Biblical characters who were intense and were blessed by God for their intensity.

Listen, enjoy and be legitimized as you see yourself through the eyes of God.
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