Blessing your Spirit - Beloved Son - 8 CD set

Blessing your Spirit - Beloved Son - 8 CD set

A father's blessing is a great treasure. Unfortunately, most of us grew up in a season of the church where blessings were not commonly given. Others grew up with a hurtful father or an absent father.
Arthur Burk has a father's heart and has invested tens of thousands of hours in nurturing men and women, so they could walk in confidence because they are solid at the core of their being. Part of this process includes blessing their original design.

This CD album is a recording of the book "Blessing Your Spirit." Arthur reads each of the blessings, but instead of leaving a blank for the name of the recipient, he addresses each blessing to a "Beloved Son."

Whether your son is in the womb, is a young child, a turbulent teen or a young adult, these blessings will nurture the father-need of any male. For so many, the relationship with their father was defined by condemnation. Either the father was condemning the son or the son was condemning the father. The absence of condemnation in a father's voice is healing.

These can be used in various ways. Some men listen to a single blessing and savor it for the day. Others keep the blessings running in the background at home, in their car or at night while they sleep.

There is clearly power in the teachings embedded in the blessings. However, there is additional power when a son hears those words coming from someone with a father's heart.
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