Developing your Spirit - 8 CD set

Developing your Spirit - 8 CD set

Can you know what your spirit is designed to be and do?

The answer is both yes and no. Imagine a newborn child. On the one hand you don't know whether this child was designed to be a violin player or a bull rider. However, you do know that the child has the capability to learn how to tie his shoes, ride a bike, fold the laundry and make an omelet. So we start by developing those givens, and along the way the specialty aspects of his or her design become apparent.
The same is true for your spirit. We may not know yet whether you will have visual discernment, have a preference for the book of Hebrews or Habakkuk, or be gifted in exegesis. However, we do know the basic building blocks of your spirit.

This album is designed to take you through some Scriptural passages which describe the design and function of the seven portions of your spirit. These are the standard components of everyone's design, which need to be well developed so that the uniqueness of your spirit is not hampered when you discover that part of who you are.

The most productive way to use this set is to listen to a single blessing each day. If the blessing you listen to lands well, then soak in it for the day. If it is just lifeless words, ignore it and go on with life. But when you finish the 49 blessings, we urge you to go back and relisten to the set in the same way, a second or a third time. Your spirit will have grown so much the first time through, that subsequent exposures to the same material will cause different portions to sparkle for you.

We recommend that you listen to "Nurturing Your Spirit Basic Seminar" first. You will get so much more out of this set, if you have listened to the"Nurturing" set first.
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