Nurture in the Womb - 6 CD set

Nurture in the Womb - 6 CD set

It has been about a decade since Arthur recorded the first album on prenatal nurture. In that time we have learned much from science and even more about working with the human spirit. This set represents a major step forward.

In addition to lots of new “how to” insights, Arthur framed conception and childbirth in a larger context. He began this live seminar looking at the spiritual battle that is raging against families and explored tools for defusing the overall attack on families.

Then there was lots of new material presented on how to spiritually prepare both parents for conception. From there, the different stages of pregnancy were discussed and Arthur modeled how to pray for babies who are in various situations. There were many expectant moms there, so these were real life, real time demonstrations.
The day ended with a section on the spiritual identity of special needs kids. Tools were shared that will help parents look beyond the physical and emotional barriers in their kids and identify how God designed their spirit.

From there, the next step was adapting the learning environment so that the uniqueness of each child’s spirit could supplement the training that was being given.

All told, it is such a large grab bag of hands-on tools that no matter what the age of your children, all parents and grandparents should find significant take away value from the set. It will inform your intercession and sharpen your interaction with the children.
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