The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals - 8 CD set

The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals - 8 CD set

When you were born, you were the prince or princess of the home. Your personal tastes were dominant. When you expressed displeasure over the condition of your environment, adults came running to accommodate your desires. 

That prince or princess stuff faded pretty fast. Before you knew it, you were the object of an endless stream of adults who had very little interest in your desires. They were, in fact, adamant about making you conform to their desires.

Life became one endless parade of demands. You were instructed relentlessly on how you had to behave so the people around you felt good about life. By the time you were 18 years old, you had acquired a rather staggering list of minimum requirements for fitting into society, as well as some significant skills at reading the non-verbal clues indicating when you were not doing a good job of living up to other people's expectations.

But what about YOU? After a million encounters where other people made you be what they needed you to be, what is left of the unique individual, made in the image of God? How do you chart your course in life based on original design which will lead you to possess your birthright?

This album will help you make sense of the different facets of your life as an adult. "These" things are the result of culture. "Those" are the result of unresolved wounds. "This" other batch is character stuff that you still need to grow through. And then there is the precious list that is YOU! The you that was designed by God before any of this other stuff intruded. This is the original software that you can build on as you go forward in life.
The teaching not only identifies your core design, but it also shows you the central issue you will have to overcome, the primary principle that you will use to do that, and the birthright that you need to pursue.

Tens of thousands of copies of this teaching have brought freedom and dignity to people around the world. This is the original teaching that hundreds of other organizations have built on in their varied expressions of these timeless truths.
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