Strategies for DID Part 1 - 5 CD Set

Strategies for DID Part 1 - 5 CD Set


Today, about 40% of the pain-emails I receive are about damage done by the inner healing community.  What is tragic is that much of the damage is done without the practitioner even understanding what they did that was hurtful.  Beyond that is the travesty of ministry leaders who are defiant and hostile when confronted with the damage they have caused.
The inner healing movement has grown very fast and is in an awkward teenage phase where much good happens as well as some unfortunate damage being caused.
Arthur is starting a major series on dealing with DID, as an attempt to neaten up a messy field.  There are many technical tools here such as how to build needed neurological networks, but the main point of this foundational album is to redefine the whole inner healing paradigm.
The first two sessions were devoted to the therapists.  The following three were for the clients.

This is a 5 CD set

This set was released in February 2018

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