Strategies for DID Part 3 - 5 CD Set

Strategies for DID Part 3 - 5 CD Set


One of the nearly universal components of a DID system is anger.  We began this practicum with a live demo from someone who had an intimate walk with God, had received great healing in recent years, but was regularly controlled by rage. 

We have some fairly unconventional tools for engaging with and dealing with angry parts and they worked well on this demo.  We went from initial engagement, to reframing and cleansing, to integration in one session. 

Next was a lady with a lot of therapy behind her.  The work on her system of parts was going well, but whenever the therapist tried to engage her spirit, there was instant shut down. 

We had to deal with a cluster of AHS in the heart, the spirit of Lilith in her sternum and then an antichrist spirit behind her heart. 

Along the way, Arthur explained to the audience the nuanced clues that led him to suspect each of these entities was in play. 

While those were not the objective of the exercise, they are valuable stand-alone resources in this album for anyone who needs to diagnose a problem or remove one of those spirits. 

THEN we were able to engage with her spirit and that was another set of variables that had to be sorted out as one portion had been expelled from the community of her spirit. 

The third demo had the most new material for the therapists who were present.  Arthur worked with a lady who had excellent engagement with her spirit, but had no frame of reference for how the spirit could contribute to the healing and integration of her parts. 

After each of the demos, there was Q & A to clarify aspects that were too complex to be grabbed on the fly.  


Many things are more easily caught than taught.  Working with our inner world is one of those, so this album will most likely give you more immediately useful tools than the more didactic types of teaching on DID.

This is a 5 CD set

This set was released in January 2019

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