The Teamwork of Spirit and Soul - 1 CD

The Teamwork of Spirit and Soul - 1 CD

How well do your spirit and soul get along?

Or, maybe, we should take a step back and ask, can you tell the difference between the two?

In order for us to possess our birthright, our spirit and soul need to work together. Many times, one ends up overpowering the other (usually the soul overpowers the spirit) and the result is extreme frustration and lack of fulfillment. This is not what God intended!

In the last few years God has focused our attention on the validation and nurture of the spirit, and the understanding of its primacy over the soul and body. For most of us, that has been a whole new concept, one for which we need to develop a new set of skills. What does our spirit sound like? What role does it play? How do we differentiate between it and the soul?

God's design is for our spirit to lead, and for it to bring the soul and body into alignment with His design and will. The spirit carries the blueprint, the soul and the body build the structure. We need all three to work together in harmony and excellence. But far too often, especially in our Western culture, they are at odds.

This teaching explores some tools for hearing your spirit, for giving it room to express itself, and for building the necessary trust between your spirit and soul. There are also tools for creating the level of teamwork and synchronization that is necessary for you to carry out the plans of God with beauty and strength.
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