Tough Spots in Inner Healing - 5 CD Set

Tough Spots in Inner Healing - 5 CD Set


This teaching begins with the question of why some people simply do not have much authority in dealing with the spiritual realm.  There was extensive teaching on the difference between authority and power, showing how the antichrist spirit has been at work all through our culture in the last 40 years to destroy our authority.

The session concluded with an extensive group prayer for deliverance from the antichrist spirit as an entity, as well as addressing the structures that have been built in our spirit, soul and body.

The second session was about insomnia.  There was no silver bullet presented.  Rather there was a grab bag of tools offered along with some diagnostic resources.  Arthur’s premise is that a certain amount of insomnia could be rooted in the spirit, not the body or soul.

At the end, there was individual ministry to a couple of people with different issues in the spiritual chronometers of their brain.

The third session was about people who make progress and then lose the ground they had gained.  Again, it was an exploration of many different possible causes of that problem. 

The last session dealt with the inability of some people to establish intimacy with God, no matter how much deliverance and inner healing they go through.  Arthur presented the picture of the Garden of Eden, where a righteous cherubim was present to block them from accessing the tree of life. 

The opposite of that is a black cherubim that is assigned to block righteous people from accessing intimacy with God.

This is a 5 CD set

This set was released in February 2018

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