Unleash the Power of your Story - Book

Unleash the Power of your Story - Book


God is writing your story.

But He gives you the freedom to choose how you react to what happens in your life. If your life was pain-free, the reactions would be easy. You would accept everything. The reality is that we all experience pain and we all distance ourselves from the experiences that hurt. And because we live our lives in the context of time, our reactions have an effect on our relationship to our timeline. When we reject portions of our lives we break the continuity and the cumulative force of the journey.

The purpose of God does not change, however. Our lifetimes are designed to be the playing field to unpack and express the essence God has placed within us. He has left His fingerprints on every spirit and we are all made to incarnate some facets of His nature. He knows exactly what kind of experiences we need to have to make that possible.

We serve an eternal God who longs to release the power of His transcendent nature through us, to cause our lives to brighten the world around us with the beauty of His light. When we are at peace with the whole of our stories, our lives become a place where the power of the Ancient of Days can flow from eternity into time and through us.

In this book we explore the concept of disconnecting from your timeline, as I share from my own healing journey. I began as someone who felt like they were "floating" through life, emotionally unstable and ungrounded and by using the tools I share in the book, became someone who connects deeply with life and walks with considerably more certainty and sense of destiny. The process is still underway, of course, as all of our growing experiences are, but I invite you to join me and benefit from the revelation God has given.

Unleash the power of your story!

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