Alien Human Spirit - Part 3 - 9 CD Set

Alien Human Spirit - Part 3 - 9 CD Set


The Christian community’s first reaction to the concept of an AHS was quite negative.  Understandably.  However, the results of ministry by the brave early adopters was so positive, that others grudgingly peeked at the idea.  As of 2016, the fruit is undeniable and the concept has been hugely integrated into existing inner healing modalities. 

All of this in spite of some very poor methodology.  The Christian culture has been deeply immersed in spiritual warfare with an intrinsically hostile approach to demons.  This mindset has largely carried over to dealing with AHS. 

Arthur did a pair of live events to showcase a different style of ministry, one that is less traumatic to the client and is considerably more productive.  This album is a blend of the best live ministry sessions from both events.  


Every effect has a cause.
Figuring out whether the cause is a demon, a curse or an AHS can be complex.
This album shows the logic trail used to flush out the critical clues.
It also shows how to deal with the false logic of the AHS who want to stay.
There is nothing like this anywhere else on the market.

This is a nine CD set.

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