Bilingual Set - Diagnostics Healing and Deliverance -  5 CD Set

Bilingual Set - Diagnostics Healing and Deliverance - 5 CD Set


Please Note: This is a bilingual set namely English with a German Translator

When your child wakes up from a nap with a fever, you check his ears, his throat and his tummy to see if you can figure out where the problem is coming from.  If you fail to find the root, you go to the doctor and he explores some more.  If it isn’t obvious to him, he orders some tests.  But he doesn’t treat the symptom – the fever – until he knows the root cause of the infection.

The same is true in the spiritual realm.  Most things have an obvious pain and a not-so-obvious root.  When we have extensive ministry for the fruit, the problem either does not go, or returns soon.

This will be an interactive seminar where we work with volunteers from the audience to reason through the various clues, to arrive at the root issue. 

Arthur will frame each situation around principles that are portable, so you can apply the same tools to your own life.

This is a 5 CD set

This set was released in November 2016

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