Evicting Nephilim - 4 CD Set

Evicting Nephilim - 4 CD Set


Imagine having marriage problems.  You go to a counselor and six months later, the counselor has explained all about your dysfunction, given you labels for what you are doing wrong and showed you how you got there.


What you need is tools for healing the situation, not a discussion of the colors of your pain. 

The Christian community is full of discussions of Nephilim.  This album sidesteps all of that and on the first CD presents five specific deliverance strategies for DEALING with Nephilim in your life. 

The subsequence CDs are likewise strategic tools for dealing with Leviathan, specialty facets of AHS and some awkward issues in SRA. 

This album is comprised of some of the podcasts that were released in 2016 and following. 

This is a 4 CD set

This set was released in March 2019

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