Mercy Season Leadership - 5 CD Set

Mercy Season Leadership - 5 CD Set


 Vision abounds.  Some is selfish; some is noble.  Some is narrow – making money; some is noble – changing the world.  

In the way of all great vision is the existing culture.  The existing culture is not necessarily wrong or bad.  It just exists.  And IF the existing culture could have achieved the vision in question, it would have done so already. 

Therefore, by definition, if the leader intends to do something new, he will have to develop a culture that supports the vision.  

This album is about that process.  We start with the reality of the existing culture and explore the specific steps needed to discover the needed culture and then to develop it over time, so that the culture naturally supports the vision instead of subtly warring against it.

In addition to this set of tools, we bring the unique spiritual dynamics of the Mercy Season into the discussion, showing where the grace of God is flowing so the life of God can enrich the culture you have built.This is a 5 CD set

This set was released in June 2017

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