Strategies for DID Part 2 - 5 CD Set

Strategies for DID Part 2 - 5 CD Set


Being a healer is damaging to the healers.  Those who are in this field for a long time end up being hard around the edges.

Arthur explores five counter-intuitive facets of being a healer.  You are designed to have dominion, be safe, have closure, share in community and receive validation.  These are normal parts of anyone’s psyche.  

Being a healer clashes with each of those at some time or another, usually more often than not.  Arthur builds out some strategies the healers can use to remain in the field and remain vibrant. 

For those on a journey, the initial focus was people who are stuck and cannot make any progress, or they make progress and it does not stick.  One possible explanation is synthetic spiritual structures on their spine.  Arthur did a live demonstration of how to identify those and remove them. 

Then there was an extended discussion of our relationship to the Trinity.  Each person is designed by God to incarnate one member of the Trinity more than the others.  

The Father defines community and we are quite familiar with sundry expressions of healing or building community. 

Jesus came to give us back our dominion, and this also has familiar expressions. 

The Holy Spirit came to restore our connection to creation.  Here the Christian culture has a very inadequate view.  Praying for healing for someone is a familiar expression of interfacing with creation in a transformational way, but it is the primary widely known and accepted expression.  

Here we explore a number of other legitimate ways that people who are called to creation can walk out their design.

This is a 5 CD set

This set was released in July 2018

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